Different Ways to Line Up a Putt

Putting may seem easy when you’re sitting home and watching the professionals attempt to sink those 3 footers with ease. But when you’re out there on the course, it’s the 16th hole, the heat has been belting down on you all day that 3 footer seems more like a 18 footer. So today we are going to review a few different methods on taking on the putt and how to overcome and hiccups in technique you may have at the moment.
The first method is spotti

4 Swing Tips to Hit the Ball Straight

For a while now I have been trying to narrow down the most important tips into a shortlist to help those looking to improve their game. Today I will share this list with you and hopefully put you on the path to improving that swing and hit the ball a little straighter.
Hand Position
This is key here is trying to limit the height of your hands on the follow through as low as you can. This will limit the height of the trajectory of the shot and give you more control. Other methods are moving the ball to the back of your golfing stance or selecting a club which is a little more powerful. However, you will find that simply just finis