Golf is often called a game of mystery as it’s very hard to master and even harder to maintain your mastery over time. That is why I decided to create the Mystic Art Center of Golf. Here you will join me in picking up regular tips and know how about how to improve your game and how to maintain your handicap.

I have thought over 50,000 hours of golf and attended many clinics myself over many years, from this I have put together what I believe is the essential guide to mastering this mystic art. My name is Robert Lynn and I am a pro golfer from the Grand Rapids in Michigan. My local course is The Highlands Golf Club and that’s where I conduct most of my lessons from. The great thing about the Internet is I can also offer this service online. Around 60% of those currently receiving lessons from me are in another state or even another country. It’s super easy to set up a virtual lesson and we will be able to get up and running whether in be in your own backyard or out at your local driving range.

What techniques do you employ and how can you help me?

We start by analyzing your history on the course and go through some goals you would like to achieve with your game. From there it will formulate a plan that we will implement to help improve your golf. Next we step into the high tech golf simulator to hit some balls and gather a baseline on where your currently at, these sessions will be videoed from multiple angles and then analyzed later too.

Later we will sit down with you and go through the videos and apply our video analysis software. The software will form the basis for the corrections we will aim to iron out of your game over the next lessons.

Thanks for stopping by the site and hope to hear from you very soon.