Different Ways to Line Up a Putt

Putting may seem easy when you’re sitting home and watching the professionals attempt to sink those 3 footers with ease. But when you’re out there on the course, it’s the 16th hole, the heat has been belting down on you all day that 3 footer seems more like a 18 footer. So today we are going to review a few different methods on taking on the putt and how to overcome and hiccups in technique you may have at the moment.

The first method is spotting the putt. This means that mean you go to make the putt you attempt to identify the spot (e.g. a mark on the green) and putt the ball into the direction of the spot. Generally this type of putting is not as visual as other types and more relies on that spot to make the judgement on distance and speed for the ball. For this type of putting, try to put some tees into the ground and use them as markers for distance and speed. Then in your mind attempt to visualise where the tees are and aim for them without looking at them.

Another common method is the line-to-spot putting style where you stand behind the ball and visualise the line to a spot on the green and then from the spot into the hole. The best way to train for putting like this is to stand 3 to 5 feet behind the ball and attempt to visual the line to the spot. Then when you line up the putt, try to have the putter face aimed at the spot and not at the hole with you body parallel to this spot.

The last way I will mention is the straight line to the hole putt. This is the most well know method where the player attempts to map up the entire line the ball will take to the hole. This method is only recommended for the smaller putts as it does take some practice and know how to judge the longer lines. It could even require local course knowledge too. The best trick I can recommend here is to use the logo of the ball to aim it at the line you are about to take to the hole. Again stand behind the ball but this time get as low to the ground as you can in an attempt to see the slopes that may affect your line. Once your a definite you have found that line and step up and make the putt.

Good luck out there on those greens, it’s not easy but have confidence in yourself and remember to visualise as much as you can.

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