4 Swing Tips to Hit the Ball Straight

For a while now I have been trying to narrow down the most important tips into a shortlist to help those looking to improve their game. Today I will share this list with you and hopefully put you on the path to improving that swing and hit the ball a little straighter.

Hand Position

This is key here is trying to limit the height of your hands on the follow through as low as you can. This will limit the height of the trajectory of the shot and give you more control. Other methods are moving the ball to the back of your golfing stance or selecting a club which is a little more powerful. However, you will find that simply just finishing the swing with you hands lower will accomplish this goal much quicker and easier.

Forearm Parallel to the Spine

To increase the accuracy of your shot and have a solid ball strike try to keep your forearm parallel to your spine when it’s a the top of the back swing. I’m talking about your inner arm so if you’re a right hand player, then it’s your right foreman and left if you’re a left hand player. Aim to have your arms and elbows forming a right angle with your wrist flat. This will mean that your back swing is looking good.

Power From the Body

The professional golfers will let you in on a little secret, muscly arms do not give you the power the hit the ball a great distance. Your distance and power come from the body. When you take a back swing next time remember that the power is coming from the body on the down swing. Amazingly, just thinking that will help ensure your arms and wrists aren’t over exerting themselves to supply that additional power.

Right Angle in the Wrists

Hinging your wrist at the top of the backswing will give you much cleaner contact with the ball. This means when you start the backswing, keep the hands and low as possible and then when you reach the top of the back swing aim for a 90 degree angle for the wrists. Basically, your left thumb should be pointing at your left shoulder as soon as possible.

I hope this small list of tips can get your started on your way to improving the accuracy of those shots. Please send me your feedback and how you went trying these out at the range.

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